Alberta Premium Cask Strength 127.4 Proof

Alberta Premium is an explosive whiskey experience, boldly embracing its distinctive earthy character. Crafted exclusively from 100% Canadian prairie rye, it proudly stands as the original 100% rye whiskey. Gazing upon its glass reveals a mesmerizing rich gold hue, while the aroma captivates with hints of banana, toffee, and delicate spices. With every sip, anticipate a mellowness that gently unfolds, imbued with smoky undertones, and culminating in a captivating finish that harmonizes the warmth of vanilla and the subtle dance of spices.

At a formidable 127.4 proof, Alberta Premium embodies the spirit of the Canadian prairie, encapsulating its rugged elegance and unique flavor profile. This whiskey is a testament to the mastery of distillation, offering aficionados an unforgettable taste of Canada's whiskey heritage.

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