Bardstown Bourbon Collaborative Series Amrut Blended Whiskey

Experience the unparalleled fusion of tradition and innovation with the Bardstown Bourbon Collaborative Series Amrut Blended Whiskey. This extraordinary whiskey blends Straight Rye Whiskey finished in Amrut Indian Malt Whiskey barrels with carefully selected straight bourbon whiskeys.

The meticulously crafted blend includes a 43% Indiana 9-year (45% Corn, 51% Rye, 4% Malted Barley) for a robust base, complemented by an 20% Indiana 8-year (95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley) adding complexity. A rich character is derived from 17% Kentucky 14-year (75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley), while nuances of sweetness and spice come from 15% Kentucky 10-year (78% Corn, 10% Rye, 12% Malted Barley) and 5% Kentucky 11-year (78% Corn, 13% Rye, 9% Malted Barley). 

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