Eaves Blind x Kings County Batch 1

Marianne Eaves has had a long whiskey career as top blender for Brown-Forman, master distiller at Castle & Key, and recently as consulting blender for private labels like Sweetens Cove. She’s also a friend to the business and approached Kings County with an idea for blind tasting series where she would guest-blend a whiskey from some of our finest barrels as part of a curated collection. After shipping the samples to subscribers, the distillers behind the whiskeys would be revealed—in this case, all bourbon makers from outside Kentucky and some of our most accomplished peers in craft distilling. Our contribution is a 4-year 127 barrel-proof bourbon that is rich and textured.

Tasting Notes:

Mature oak and dark spices, red fruit, pomegranate, warm spicy, oak sugar, clean, sweet and bold finish.

Age: 4 Years

63.4% (126.8 proof)

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