El Tesoro Mundial Collection Knob Creek Rye Edition

El Tesoro Mundial: Knob Creek Rye is a unique expression of El Tesoro Añejo, aged for twelve months in genuine charred-oak Knob Creek Rye Whiskey barrels that previously held Knob Creek Rye Whiskey for seven years, resulting in a delicious sipping tequila that is perfectly balanced with subtle sweetness and spice. As a special one-time release, this is the first and only time El Tesoro has been finished in Knob Creek Rye Barrels.




APPEARANCE: Wheat brown with golden tones. Full bodied and well-rounded with essential oils.


AROMA: Cooked agave, peaches, bread, vanilla, caramel, pineapple, apple, cinnamon, leather, and delicate floral notes.


PALATE: Cooked agave, black pepper, cinnamon, dark chocolate, vanilla, orange peel, notes of oak and spices.


FINISH: Long, with lingering oak, spices, and mineral notes.

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