Good Money 10 Year Canadian Rye by Floyd Mayweather

Starting with the purest Canadian spring water and the highest quality rye. Then expertly distilled by our master distiller, we aged it for 10 whole years in American Oak Casks. The result was a “Best of Both Worlds” Super-Premium Canadian Whisky that is elegantly refined and has a complex taste profile that includes butterscotch, spice, pleasing hints of vanilla. Then, the touch of citrus makes a truly spectacular finish.

The Good Money is a global brand created in direct partnership with Floyd Mayweather, the world-renowned boxer and entrepreneur. The brand produces high-quality Champagne and Whisky, which are designed to provide a luxurious and enjoyable experience to consumers.

The Good money is about embracing the good times and making memories that last a lifetime. With each bottle of champagne and whisky, we hope to bring a touch of luxury and joy to your life.

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