JOJO Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Whiskey

Get ready for the ultimate nostalgic flavor with JOJO Cookie Dough Whiskey! With a perfect balance of smooth whiskey and delicious cookie dough flavor, you'll notice notes of cookie dough (obviously), chocolate, and buttery goodness. Sip on JOJO and indulge in a whole new level of sweet satisfaction.

JOJO is certified Kosher and made with all natural ingredients! Whether you prefer it over ice, by itself, or mixed into a delicious cocktail, JOJO cookie dough flavored whiskey is sure to satisfy your cravings. It's the perfect treat for a cozy night in or a fun gathering with friends. JOJO Cookie Dough Whiskey is distilled & aged in Indiana and bottled in Texas.

Certified Kosher. All natural ingredients. 70 proof (35% Alc/Vol)

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