Laphroaig Elements 1.0 Limited Release

Laphroaig Elements redefines what our whisky can be. Our first Elements Edition, 1.0, explores experimentation with mashing and fermentation style to reveal an unexpected new dimension to our signature style.

Using two types of wort and mashing in old and new style tuns, Elements 1.0 finest tunes the process to create a non-chill filtered 100% Islay malt with greater tropical fruit notes, without losing any of our signature phenolic and maritime pettiness.


Nose: Fresh sea salt, smoky bacon with notes of strawberry jam and charred pineapple in addition to bonfire embers

Palate: Spicy and peppery with hints of tropical fruit, cloves and liquorice

Finish: Warming and smoky, leading to a sweet, drying and long peated finished

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