Nikka The Grain Whisky

Nikka The Grain is composed of seven individualities. The core of the blend is a café grain produced in a café-style continuous distiller at the Miyagikyo distillery in Sendai.

Two barley grains and a corn rye distillate that have been secretly produced and nurtured at Nikka Whisky’s Moji Distillery and Satsuma Tsukasa Distillery in Kyushu have been added as new characteristics. In addition, we blended the cafe malt from the Miyagikyo Distillery and two rare, long-matured original malts from the Nishinomiya factory, where Masataka Taketsuru himself was involved in the introduction of the cafe-style continuous distillation machine. The result is a grain whisky with a mellow, deep sweetness and a refreshing spiciness. The result is an innovation with a variety of aromas and flavors that Nikka Whisky has never been able to achieve before.

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