Pinhook Bourbon War 8 Year Vertical Series

This 8-year-old bourbon has a bright nose of orange curacao, oloroso sherry, clove, and brown sugar that leads to a full palate of dark cherry, plum, cinnamon, and burnt sugar.

Pinhook is not bound by an established flavor profile or proof, only an ethos to produce the best whiskey every vintage. The Bourbon Vertical Series provides a unique opportunity to explore the true impact of age on a whiskey—we’re following a group of 1,350 MGP barrels as they age from 4 to 12 years to experience the arc of flavors throughout the 9-year journey. + Blended from only 120 barrels, this 5th release is the most limited in the series to date. + Barrels sourced (aka “pinhooked”) from MGP and aged at Castle & Key. + Unfiltered. + Hand-waxed in the signature gold that represents Pinhook’s Vertical Series Bourbon.

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