Russell's Reserve 13 Year Old Barrel Proof

Indulge in the exquisite experience of Russell's Reserve 13 Year Old Barrel Proof, a bourbon that has gracefully matured over 13 years, revealing a symphony of enticing aromas and flavors. As you raise the glass, be captivated by the rich scents of dried fruits that emanate, promising a sensory journey like no other. With each sip, the bourbon unveils the complexities of aged oak and sweet caramel, harmoniously dancing on the palate and showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship synonymous with Russell's Reserve. The grand finale is nothing short of extraordinary—a smooth, robust finish that epitomizes the high standards you've come to expect from this revered brand. This legacy of excellence is skillfully carried forward by Master Distillers and bourbon hall of famers, Jimmy and Eddie Russell, ensuring that every bottle tells a tale of heritage, dedication, and the enduring passion for creating exceptional bourbon.

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