Saint Cloud X-Series Abstrakt By Flore Vol. 2

We start with a 9.5 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and place it into a used French oak barrel from Chateau Rieussec from the Sauternes AOC in France. The bourbon rests a touch over 10 months, further maturing in a room with elevated temperatures in order to further extract the rich characteristics from its barrel. Bottled unfiltered, as single barrels, at 110 proof, this bourbon is a stunner. 

Produced in limited quantities, each release will highlight a truly distinctive experience, while featuring hand-selected artists from around the World.

“Abstrakt”, Vol. 2 (1,590 bottles produced)

The Artist: New York City Painter, Flore has been attracted to modernism, wherever he can find it. His work captures a freedom of space and fluidity, leaping from the canvas in a vivid rush of color and pulsating texture.

The Bourbon: Our First Wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Sweet Mash, Pot distilled using Kentucky Spring Water, and finished in hand picked French Charred Oak Barrels.

Age: 9.5 Years

Proof: 110

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