Song Cai Distillery Gins

Song Cai Vietnam Dry Gin

We go deep into the Northern highland jungles to forage wild botanicals unique to this magnificent land. A sublime and rugged place, home to indigenous communities for centuries and millennia.

We’ve worked with our partners, the farmers and the foragers there. How to select each botanical at the perfect time, to bring out the richest flavors. To forage sustainably - in harmony with the people and the land.

Sông Cái is distilled in small batches with care, in direct-fired copper pot stills, bringing captivating flavors to life.

Song Cai Vietnam Floral Gin

Our Floral Gin is a marriage of vast deltas and remote mountains of Việt Nam. Deltas are central to Việt Nam’s agricultural life, and culture. This riparian landscape lives according to the rhythm of flood and drought, of planting and harvest.

The 1st and 15th of every lunar month is marked by a signature blossom often used to perfume local households, decorate family altars, or use in cooking

Sông Cái traveled throughout Việt Nam’s lush deltas, gathering ingredients to combine with our highland botanicals.

Paired with five distinct flowers, the result is a truly unique floral gin.

Song Cai Spiced Roselle Gin

The Central Highlands of Việt Nam are well-known for their red basalt soils.

This fertile earth, rich in iron from long silent volcanoes nourishes a vast array of plant species, among them coffee, tea, and silk.

It is home to majestic waterfalls, untouched primary forests, longhouses, Gong culture, Dam San epic poetry, and elephant training.

Where indigenous groups - Jarai, Bahnar, and more, have called home for centuries. Where animist beliefs are still part of everyday life.

It is a gin that truly embodies the land’s spirit: warm spices, sweet and savory roots, dried fruits, balanced with soft tannins and subtle acidity.

It inherits a rich ruby color from the Sim berries, reminiscent of the red soils from which they grow and the traditional textiles of the people here.

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