Tamnavulin Double Cask Single Malt Scotch

Indulge in the refined elegance of our meticulously crafted single malt whisky, matured in American oak barrels to achieve a sweet, mellow taste with a luxuriously smooth Sherry cask finish. Pouring a captivating amber gold hue, its aroma tantalizes the senses with rich, warm notes of apple, toffee, and honey, accented by sweet marzipan and subtle tangy marmalade undertones. On the palate, experience a fresh, mellow sensation, reminiscent of creamy pears, succulent peaches, and juicy pineapple, enhanced by a hint of Demerara sugar. The finish is a testament to its exceptional quality – rich, smooth, and undeniably refreshing, leaving an enduring impression of a signature Speyside malt.

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