WhistlePig "The Badonkadonk" Single Malt 25 Years

Introducing the crowning glory of Whistlepig's collection: a super-aged North American Single Malt, matured for over a quarter century—more than twice as long as any other on the continent. Fate and fortune have conspired to create a masterpiece that whispers wisdom accumulated over 25 years, while boldly proclaiming, "Stand aside, adversaries of old!"

The Badönkådonk is a testament to mouthwatering character and exceptional craftsmanship. WhistlePig has partnered with an ally in American Oak, a fellow pioneer in the new wine and whiskey world order, to bring this exquisite creation to life. Aged in Silver Oak’s Alexander Valley Cabernet barrels, it boasts notes of stone fruits, cedar wood, and transcendental tastiness. This collaboration completes the grail quest and challenges even the Scots in the realm of premium whiskey.

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