AQARÁ Agave Plateado

AQARÁ Agave Plateado - Main Street Liquor

AQARÁ Agave Plateado

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By preserving the balance of nature our "jimadores" carefully select wild ripe agave pineapples, then chop them by hand, cooked in mash tuns with steam jackets and passed by double distillation. ​

Feel the strength and the flavor of the Peruvian Andes right from the very first sip. For each agave we harvest, we sow three.

AQARÁ Plateado is fresh, seductive on the nose, with flowers, tropical fruits, peach pits, herbaceous and ripe fruit aromas at its end. Friendly and round on the palate with a good, long finish, which makes clear the quality of its alcohol. It has no edges, is passes like silk."