Brora 1981 Prima & Ultima Third Release

Brora 1981 Prima & Ultima Third Release - Main Street Liquor

Brora 1981 Prima & Ultima Third Release

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The last release of 1981 Brora, this may well be the rarest publicly available Brora of all. Much of the Brora we know today is heavily peated, the American Oak hogshead and European Oak Sherry butt selected here show us a different side of the Brora story. Filled at a time when less whisky was being made, it was often less peaty allowing new aromas and tastes to shine through. Selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Brora 1981 is one of eight carefully curated whiskies in the third instalment of the Prima & Ultima series. Fragrant notes of scented candlewax dance with smoke and moorland flowers, leading to a smooth waxy texture that is sweet and lightly smoky.


Appearance: Deep, clear gold. No beading, slow legs.

Body: Medium.

Nose: Very mild and mellow, with no prickle. Fragrant notes of scented candle wax dance with smoke moorland flowers.

Palate: Appealingly smooth, mouth- filling and waxy in texture. Immediately sweet, spicy and smoky to taste, and sweet overall, with light balancing salt mid-palate.

Finish: Long, smooth and faintly waxy, with sweet warmth and light smoke that both linger in the tingling aftertaste.