Cassis 775 Black Currant Liqueur

Cassis 775 Black Currant Liqueur - Main Street Liquor

Cassis 775 Black Currant Liqueur

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In his distillery in the Honenhohe region in Southern Germany, Fritz-Martin Mozer only processes and distills fruits that he has grown himself. For CASSIS 775, the black currants are not macerated - as is common practice - but freshly pressed. Blackcurrant eau-de-vie, which Fritz Martin also distills himself, is added. This also distinguishes this liqueur from other cassis, because the addition of currant eau-de-vie gives it a high level of complexity and typicality. The EU Spirits Regulation defines a minimum content of 400 grams of sugar per liter for Crème de Cassis. CASSIS 775 is a fresh, fruity liqueur with half the sugar content of commercially available products.


Nose: Berry Aromas, Floral Notes

Palate: Ripe Currants, Tropical Fruits, Earthy Notes, Subtle Acidity, Rose, Citrus