Coyote Ugly Tennessee Straight Bourbon

Coyote Ugly Tennessee Straight Bourbon - Main Street Liquor

Coyote Ugly Tennessee Straight Bourbon

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Whenever I’m at the bar and ask a Coyote bartender for a drink, there is never the question “Of what?”

They always know I mean bourbon.

It was Bourbon before my bartending days. Even before the first Coyote Ugly Saloon opened 28 years ago in New York City.

After months of zoom calls; my team finally asked, “Why don’t we take this time to create our own bourbon brand?” (While simultaneously pretending NOT to have bourbon in our coffee mugs)

And with that, Coyote Ugly Bourbon was born! A creation for our family we’re proud to share with yours.

Aged in charred oak barrels and crafted to smooth perfection with notes of honey.

Yeah. Delicious. Cheers.