Doppelwacholder 052 Dry Gin

Doppelwacholder 052 Dry Gin - Main Street Liquor

Doppelwacholder 052 Dry Gin

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Doppelwacholder 052, a kind of dry gin with juniper as the only botanical is a traditional German juniper-flavored liquor. However, this simplicity makes its manufacture so complicated. The quality depends solely on the juniper berries used and their careful processing. Gerhard Liebel, one of Germany’s most successful eau de vie distillers in international competitions, does not use - as usual - dried juniper berries, but fresh berries from Tuscany for this DOPPELWACHOLDER 052, The result is not dominated by the harsh and resinous notes of juniper, but fresh citrus notes, subtle sweetness and floral aromas.


Nose: Juniper, Pine

Palate: Juniper, Amalfi Lemon, Grapefruit, Black Pepper