Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022 - Main Street Liquor

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022

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With Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar, we designed the ultimate Christmas gift for Whiskey lovers. Each vial opens a new realm, making every day of Advent a fresh opportunity to dive into another fine sipper and discover a gem.

The Whiskey ocean is full of treasures, but it's vast and deep, so venturing on a tasting voyage alone might be intimidating. Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar is a carefully-curated chest of twenty-four precious finds from seven seas of Whiskey: Bourbon and Rye, Scotch and Irish, Japanese and Australian - and much more.

We'll navigate you from one tremendous dram to another and turn you into a more seasoned Whiskey seafarer in just twenty-four days.

In addition to the Whiskey bounty of twenty-four sample vials, your voyager's kit comes with a classy embossed leather coaster, a collectible Glencairn glass made exclusively for the Advent Calendar, and a beautiful tasting journal that will become your Captain's log of flavorful adventures.