Fuji 30 Year Old Single Grain Japanese Whisky

Fuji 30 Year Old Single Grain Japanese Whisky - Main Street Liquor

Fuji 30 Year Old Single Grain Japanese Whisky

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This very rare and precious whiskey represents the pinnacle of our Japanese craftsmanship at our distillery. It’s a blend of multiple maturates of Canadian style grain whiskies aged more than 30-years, including some aged for up to 40-years. Barrels are meticulously selected to create a rich, luscious, beautifully balanced style with complexity.


Aromas: Sweet and fragrant aromas of nutty brown sugar syrup concentration, with ripe fresh and dried fruits

Flavors: Soft on the palate, opulent and concentrated with a seductive honeyed sweetness and bitter chocolate notes

Finish: A lingering moderately woody aftertaste with complex flavors typical of long-aged Canadian style grain whiskeyProduction Considerations

• All Canadian style grain whisky maturates, some up to 40-years of age

• Mash bill of corn and malted barley • Distilled by batch distillation method using "kettle & column” still configurations

• 100% first and second fill bourbon barrels of American White Oak (no new oak is used as it is not ideal for this style of whiskey)

• Meticulously hand-selected barrels artfully blended, resulting in a complex and concentrated flavor