Harridan Vodka The Paranormal Reserve - Annabelle Edition

Harridan Vodka The Paranormal Reserve - Annabelle Edition - Main Street Liquor

Harridan Vodka The Paranormal Reserve - Annabelle Edition

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The Paranormal Reserve is a collection of 666 bottles. Each was rested in the Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, which holds the personal collection of Ed and Lorraine Warren – renowned demonologists and paranormal investigators.

The Museum is now closed to the public, but was opened for this limited edition Reserve.

Among the artifacts in the museum are a human skull said to be used for black magic rituals, psychic photographs, and most famously, the original, infamous Annabelle Doll that was inhabited in the 1970s by a demonic entity that came in the guise of the spirit of a young, deceased girl. After a string of sinister and terrifying occurrences with the doll’s original owner, the Warrens took her into their care. While she has remained sealed in a protective case since, her confines were opened over the course of the Paranormal Reserve’s time in the Museum.

Each bottle includes gloves for handling and protection, an authenticity card, as well as a bespoke wooden case. The case lid functions as a Ouija board, with a Ouija planchette also included.