Jumping Goat Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur Gift Set

Jumping Goat Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur Gift Set - Main Street Liquor

Jumping Goat Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur Gift Set

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Give the gift of Goat this Christmas. Get yourself, your Mate, your Mum, your Dad, or any other GOAT in your life this special little number and they’ll love you forever. Our award winning liqueur packaged up in its own gift pack with shot cups and recipe book included.

Our story begins in Ancient Ethiopia, with a goat herder named Kaldi. Legend has it that Kaldi’s goats loved munching berries – the kind that inexplicably made them bounce about. Kaldi accidentally roasted the berries, and BANG, coffee was discovered.

Much imbibing and innovating later, Jumping Goat was born. A refined, palate pleasing coffee liquor for shot takers and cocktail makers. Sip it in an espresso martini, an espresso cup, or shoot it. You will not prance. You will JUMP. You might even bleat and make the sign of the beast. Late nights last longer. Adventures after dark beckon. Who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe Ancient Ethiopia.

Fast forward a couple thousand years, where a professional drinker/visionary from Kiwi-land had a dream: to concoct a tasty elixir that would stick a firecracker up your nether regions. He set to work, experimenting with vodka and espresso from a $10 coffee machine.