L'Atelier Du Bouilleur Esprit Du Midi


L'Atelier Du Bouilleur Esprit Du Midi

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We’re a craft distillery, located in the south of France, working with respect for nature and creating high quality spirits. We distill on demand for professionals and amateurs, as well as create our own spirits, among others Fine Faugères, the brandy traditional to this region.

At the old site of their former cooperative distillerie in Autignac near Montpellier, the »Union des Distillerie de la Méditerranée« hosts our little craft distillery. It owes its existence to several collaborations, just as its legal form is also one of cooperation:we are a scop (cooperative and participative association).

We know the winemakers and their way of working personally. The same goes for the other ingredients: it’s mainly our friends who pick the wild herbs or supply us with their organic produce. This way we ensure the high quality of our products and avoid the nasty surprises that sometimes come with anonymous market relations.

Distilling to us means to be inspired by the generations that used the alambics before us, to take time with our natural ingredients in order to extract their “spirit”, as say the alchemists.