Letherbee Vernal Gin 2022

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Letherbee Vernal Gin 2022

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Two lovers, Almond and Lavender, together during a dreamy morning. Almond is the bed on which they lie. It is the flesh and warm embrace. Lavender is the breeze from the window. It is wisps of hair tickling the skin. Both are soft, calming. One is milky earth. The other, ethereal. They remind us the waiting is worth it.

Looking back through time and place… In ancient China, humans began cultivating almonds. By 500 BC almond trees found themselves thriving all around the Mediterranean. Interestingly, almond is not actually a nut but is technically a stone fruit. Prized for its protein, it is also an adored flavor and aroma in desserts and baked treats, such as marzipan.

A flower in the mint family, lavender has been used across civilizations for both practical and esoteric purposes. Its calming effect has made it a prominent herb in aromatherapy. Herbs de Provence, a spice blend born in Southern France, is a popular culinary application.

Letherbee Vernal Gin 2022 combines almond and lavender in a way that is both balanced and gentle. The softness is coupled by the dry, savory flavors of the gin’s coriander and cubeb pepper while juniper coalesces seamlessly with the florality. In total, we have bottled 265 cases, or 3180 bottles. 176 lbs of super grade French lavender and 2.75 gallons of almond oil were used in the production.

This gin begs to be put in the Aviation cocktail. It is a fascinating base for a Last Word or any drink including génépy. The French 75 and Gimlet benefit from the florality and roundness. We are curious, how would you make a delicious Dirty Martini with 2022’s Vernal Gin?