M&H Elements Pomegranate Wine Cask

M&H Elements Pomegranate Wine Cask - Main Street Liquor

M&H Elements Pomegranate Wine Cask

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For generations, pomegranates have been a significant part of our culture; in tradition, literature, cuisine, and art it became a true symbol, present in our everyday lives. It is no wonder that it is also one of our signature cask types – the pomegranate wine casks.

From these unique casks, just in time for the High Holidays – in which the pomegranate is a staple of the ceremonies – we have created the Elements Pomegranate Wine Casks limited edition. Fragrant and deep, with evident and delicious notes of the pomegranate fruit, the Elements Pomegranate Wine Cask is our invitation to you, to join us at our holiday table for a celebration.



Aroma – Fresh red fruits with lemon zest, walnuts, and lavender flowers.

Palate –Dark pomegranate confiture, baked pastry with a sprinkle of dry chili pepper.

Finish – Baked apple with ground cloves, tart pomegranate juice, and a hint of toasted Oak.