Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin - Main Street Liquor

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin

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Handcrafted by Real People & a Dog

Carefully crafted under watchful (yet often dozing off) canine eyes, Mr. Pickles Gin is a Eugene, Oregon original born from 100% soft, white winter wheat, mono-sourced just down the road at the Camas Country Mill. The exceptionally soft base spirit is triple distilled with the final distillation including a vapor basket to introduce the botanicals. It leads with the same enlivening juniper notes you might encounter on a hike to majestic Mount Hood, which are quickly softened by 11 other botanicals, including sencha green tea, pink peppercorns, and marshmallow root, revealing an approachable, aromatic, and sweet spirit reminiscent of Cascade Mountains meadows. 


Taste the Pacific Northwest

Mr. Pickles is an exceptionally flavorful gin that opens with juicy citrus and sweet, bright herbal notes, with a slight undernote of black pepper. Soft woodland notes accompany the more traditional, aromatic pine and spice, grounded in an earthy, herbaceous base. The finish is long and smooth, allowing the flavors to continue to reveal themselves long after the gin leaves the palate. 


Meet Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles is a seven-year-old American Pitbull Terrier found wandering around the parking lot of a mall in Bakersfield, California. He was rescued from the pound by Wolf Spirit Master Distiller Ben Green and taken to Eugene, Oregon, home to the Wolf Spirit Distillery. With his broad chest, intense stare and spiked collar, Mr. Pickles may come across as a real tough guy, but once this tail-wagging machine starts loving on you, it’s hard to make the kisses and licks stop. Since his arrival, Mr. Pickles has become the emotional heart of Wolf Spirit, providing not only companionship, but listening intently to ideas for new spirits, inspecting all the grains and botanicals for our products and standing guard over our mash tuns, fermenters and column stills (when he isn’t snoozing in the sun).