Old Charter Oak Chinese Oak

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Old Charter Oak Chinese Oak

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Old Charter Oak Chinese Oak is a barrel-aged Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Distilled, aged, and bottled by the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Each barrel starts as an oak tree in a forest. Enduring the heat of summer and winters that cut to the core, these oaks must stand the test of time before beginning their journey to becoming a barrel.

Every cut matters. White oak logs enter the mill and only the finest leave as rough staves, quarter-cut into the exact specifications for cooperages to create barrels that will hold whiskey for years.

It all comes together at the cooperage. Rough staves are seasoned by the elements for months—sometimes years—adding even more character to the oak. From there, a vessel for whiskey is created and the inside is charred to exact specifications.

Without oak barrels, there would be no bourbon. Oak is a defining ingredient of bourbon whiskey, influencing nearly three-fourths of its flavor. When you drink Old Charter Oak, raise a glass to the storied journey from the forest, to the barrel, to the bourbon.