Poli Distillerie Cleopatra Moscato Oro Grappa

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Poli Distillerie Cleopatra Moscato Oro Grappa

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Patiently stored for long years in the underground cellars of the Poli Distillery in oak barrels, vacuum bain-marie distilled. Its aroma recalls a basket with pineapples, some mandarins and a mango.

Cleopatra Oro is a line of Grappas obtained from very fresh marc, featuring a refinement and bouquet rarely found in a distillate. A brief stay in oak barrels completes the structure.

Why Cleopatra?

Cleopatra, alchemist of the Ancient Egypt, created the first still aimed at distilling the most precious among metals, gold, and called it Crysopea (from Greek chrysos, gold and poirò, to make).

In the XXI century, after years of research at the Poli Distillery a new Crysopea was born again, the most innovative bain marie vacuum still in function nowadays through which the precious Poli Moscato ORO has been distilled and kept in this bottle.