Purity Organic Navy Strength Gin

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Purity Organic Navy Strength Gin

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For our concerns, Navy Strength means, quite simply, more flavor. A bigger, bolder canvas to imbue with our botanicals – juniper and a selection of Nordic berries give your cocktails an unforgettable kick.

We have updated the classic Navy Strength gin recipe with better, bolder ingredients and unforgettable flavor. The blend of organic juniper, Nordic berries, botanicals and Purity’s over-proof 34 times distilled spirit results in a striking, delicious blast of flavor adding real character to any cocktail.

We have the British Navy to thank for Navy Strength gin. Other than it being an officially sanctioned ration – rum for enlisted men and gin for the officers – the history of this particular spirit has a few other interesting details.

Technically, gin with more than 57.14% alcohol is considered Navy Strength. The reason for the high alcohol content is a practical one. Historically, gin and rum were stored in wooden barrels together with gunpowder. If either of the barrels started to leak and soaked into the gunpowder, the alcohol content had to be at least 57.14%. Anything below that and the gunpowder wouldn’t burn. The “proof” of the spirit meant the powder was safe and the gin good enough to be served to the officers.