Skid Row Midnight Vodka

Skid Row Midnight Vodka - Main Street Liquor

Skid Row Midnight Vodka

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Skid Row Midnight Vodka is a smooth yet edgy vodka that captures the essence of the band’s exhilarating live performances and uncompromising style.

Each sip delivers crisp and clear tones of grain and toasted bread, complete with a rounded, dry, and bold finish. When the clock strikes midnight, turn to Skid Row Midnight Vodka.


Nose: Clear tones of grain and toasted bread

Palate: Well-balanced and crisp

Finish: Rounded, dry and bold finish

Crafted with the same dedication and passion that Skid Row brings to their music, Skid Row Midnight Vodka is highlighted by a product character as raw and real as the band themselves.

Serving Recommendation

Take it straight with a large ice cube for the rock'n'roll experience. For something lighter, add some high quality tonic and crushed black peppercorns for an added heavy metal hit.