Slow Hand Six Woods Organic Whiskey

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Slow Hand Six Woods Organic Whiskey

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HOW COULD WE MAKE A MORE COMPLEX WHISKEY? By thinking of wood more as an ingredient than a barrel. SLOW HAND Six Woods Whiskey is the world’s first matured with six kinds of wood — white oak, grape, hickory, mulberry, red oak and maple — so you enjoy notes of butterscotch, plum, currant, clove & black tea in your tipple. Savor neat or add new life to cocktails like Old Fashioned, Gold Rush or Boulevardier.

DESCRIPTION: A new kind of whiskey for those with adventurous palates

TASTING NOTES: Dark fruit, butterscotch, black tea, vanilla and baking spices

INGREDIENTS: 100% malted barley WOODS: White oak, hickory, maple, mulberry, red oak and grape

WALK IN THE WOODS 2 oz SLOW HAND Six Woods Whiskey 1 oz GRAND POPPY Bitter Liqueur Stir & strain into rocks glass Garnish with expressed citrus peel

REVIEW “Six Woods Malt Whiskey is not only Los Angeles’ first aged whiskey but it’s also one of the country’s most unusual interpretations of the classic spirit. Notes of unfinished wood, cotton candy, spice and dirt are all present in this complex drink. When you pour it over a big ice cube, it opens up even more.” Sarah Bennett, LA Weekly