Southern Star Double Rye Whiskey

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Southern Star Double Rye Whiskey

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Southern Star Double Rye Whiskey is a select blend of two straight rye whiskeys combined in perfect ratio and finished in premium bourbon barrels resulting in a very drinkable and well-balanced spirit. It’s also worth noting that 50% of net profit sales of the Double Rye benefits non-profit, Purple Heart Homes an organization dedicated to creating housing solutions for disabled and aging vets. In late August 2020 Southern Distilling Company hosted a group of veterans affiliated with Purple Heart Homes for a tour and tasting of our newest spirit to help develop our tasting notes.


Color: Amber / Honey Gold 

Nose: The nose is warm and caramelly with a subtle sweetness. There’s a spiciness that comes through as well that reads more of a cinnamon spice than a pepper spice.

Palate: Herbaceous and citrusy with a smooth sizzle that warms the mouth. The notes melt into a vanilla sweetness that hangs toward the back of the palate.

Finish: This finish lingers just long enough for you to sink deep into the thought, get through a page in your book, or contribute to a good conversation with friends. It’s not too long though, and always leaves you coming back for more.