Stolen Overproof Rum

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Stolen Overproof Rum

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This is Stolen Overproof Rum. Bartenders love it. Smart drinkers listen to their bartenders.

We found this rare stock at a historic, 250 year old family-run sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, renowned for making some of the best heavy pot still rums in the world. Like other Jamaican rums, Stolen Overproof Rum uses dunder (the liquid left in a boiler after distilling a batch of rum) as a traditional flavor source. Unlike other Jamaican rums, this rum is the last of a 6-year aged rum distilled using very old, traditional pot stills; the same as those found in Scotland to make superior single malt whiskies. Mountain rain water collected by the estate’s own rain water retention system is a key ingredient. The sugar cane is grown entirely on the estate and hand-harvested by local farmers. The sugar cane mash is fermented using a proprietary yeast strand that is cultured in outdoor wooden vats. After the distillation, the rum is carefully matured in ex-whiskey barrels.

The result is a distinctively smooth 123 proof dark bronze rum with extraordinary complexity and depth of flavor. The nose is not the wet grass one might expect but rather offers a dose of white and black pepper spice married with charred oak and ripe banana. On the palate, there is a hint of charred vanilla along with notes of tangerine, banana, and pear. The rum has medium viscosity and lovely long legs, leaving a luscious light coat in your mouth.