Vigie Limoncello

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Vigie Limoncello

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Vigie is a spirited limoncello that captures the essence of European splendor, crafted in California with a dash of revelry and a touch of whimsy

On the French Riviera, the days are lazy and delightful, ending with luscious multicourse dinners lasting long into the night. Growing up there, I loved the infinite possibility of the evenings, where everything sparkled under warm breezes and star-studded skies. Time stops as everyone laughs and tell stories over candlelight, dessert and digestif in hand.

Our limoncello takes me back to those carefree summers, that feeling of pure effervescence when time slows and you enjoy life in its simplicity. Vigie isn’t just a fresh take on a classic liqueur, it’s an invitation to bask in the reverie. An ode to enjoying more and lingering longer.

After all, there’s no rushing something you want to last forever.


Elevate your leisure time with Vigie - the perfect choice for a delightful post-dinner sip or a refreshing lazy afternoon spritz.