Western Reserve Organic Añejo Agave Spirit

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Western Reserve Organic Añejo Agave Spirit

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After just one year in our organic bourbon barrels, our Handcrafted Organic Añejo Agave Spirit has a bright golden straw color, giving you a hint at what flavors it holds inside.

Earthy on the nose, it brings to mind the coastal desert of Southern California with mineral rich crushed granite, aloe, cactus and lemon blossoms with a slight smokiness and ash tucked underneath. A luxurious and heavy mouthfeel carries notes of lemon meringue, custard and mineral rich earthiness with hints of something floral and leaves a long, sweet finish.

The perfect sipper, neat or on the rocks!


NOSE: crushed granite, citrus blossom, aloe/agave/cactus sap, vanilla, hint of smoke

PALATE: heavy body, luxurious texture, vanilla, lemon meringue, custard, agave earthiness

FINISH: sweet, mineral/crushed granite, long warm finish that coats the back of the tongue