Wigle 4 Year Old Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon

Wigle 4 Year Old Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon - Main Street Liquor
Wigle 4 Year Old Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon - Main Street Liquor

Wigle 4 Year Old Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon

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Wigle Pennsylvania Wapsie Valley Bourbon shows off the tasty fruits of our commitment to working with local farmers.

Consistently one of our most popular and critically-acclaimed spirits, Pennsylvania Wapsie Valley Bourbon is the result of commitments made by local family farms to bring back an heirloom style of corn known as Wapsie Valley Corn. This open-pollinated corn is challenging to grow but rewards us with its giant stalks and bright beautiful multi-toned ruby ears.

When Nigel Tudor farmer at Weatherbury Farms outside of Pittsburgh, first approached us in 2014 to see if we might be interested in working with this corn, we jumped at the opportunity. With its protein content higher than that of yellow corn, we though it had the potential to make one hell of a Bourbon. Time has proven that Nigel and the other local farms that have followed in his footsteps to supply us this heirloom corn variety have given us a great gift. Wapsie Valley corn does indeed make a superlative Bourbon.

Production on Wapsie Valley Bourbon begins when we grind the whole grains into grist at our Distillery. Once we ferment the mash, we transfer the ferment to our copper kettle stills before filling barrels to age in our Northside Barrelhouses.

This batch of Straight Wapsie Bourbon was aged for more than two years in new, charred, oak barrels. Bottled at 92 proof with notes of butterscotch, brown sugar, and leather.

Mash Bill: Wapsie Valley Red Heirloom Corn (65%); Malted Barley (17.5%); Wheat (17.5%)

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, brown sugar, leather

Aged: 2 years in new American Charred Oak Barrels

750 mL / 92 PROOF (46% ABV)